ESMA - Use of UK data in ESMA databases under a no-deal Brexit

ESMA issued a statement in relation to the impact on ESMA’s databases in a no-deal scenario, whereby the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority will cease sending data to ESMA and will no longer have access to ESMA’s IT applications and databases. Under a no-deal Brexit, no new UK-related data will be received and processed by ESMA nor published on the ESMA website from 30 March 2019.

ESMA’s statement aims to inform stakeholders on the approach it will take on all ESMA IT applications and databases. It sets out details on the following calculations under a no-deal Brexit:

- Reference data;
- Relevant Competent Authority (RCA);
- Annual transparency calculations for equity instruments;
- Transparency calculations for non-equity instruments (Quarterly liquidity determination for bonds & Annual transparency calculations for bonds (LIS, SSTI) and for all non-equity instruments other than bonds (liquidity status, LIS, SSTI));
- Calculations for systematic internalisers (SI) determination;
- Double Volume Cap; and
- Ancillary Activity calculations.